Welcome to the website of the Lower North Island Red Deer Foundation

The Lower North Island Red Deer Foundation (LNIRDF) is a Not for Profit group comprising representatives of 15 hunting clubs and NZ Deerstalkers branches in the lower North Island of New Zealand. These clubs represent the hunting interests of over 2000 members.

Our key aim is to advocate for enhanced recreational hunting and the sustainable management of deer which meets both conservation and recreational hunting aspirations.

The LNIRDF was formed to establish a formal identity so help the group to better advocate for hunters and enable opportunities for improved Game Management to be pursued. 

Joining the foundation supports our efforts in advocating for recreational hunting.

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Presidents report 2019 AGM

WARO permit review update March 2019

Ruahine Deer Plan update march 2019




Advocating for Recreational Hunting

The LNIRDF undertook a legal challenge of the Department of Conservation removal of closures to helicopter deer recovery (WARO) in the three lower North Island forest parks. After considerable cost and perseverance, the High Court found in our favour and that the department WARO permits were invalid.

The long standing view by the department that there was no obligation to consult with hunters was proven to be wrong.

This result was important to all hunters of public land in the country, as it now shows that in future DOC must consult with hunters where decisions will significantly affect hunting.

Ongoing efforts of the foundation include working in a multi party group and DOC to develop a plan for sustainable management of deer in the Ruahines. This may become a template for deer management in other areas and will benefit all hunters. The next round of WARO concessions is due and the foundation will be looking to get better recognition of recreational hunters role in deer management.