Lower North island CMS Review Underway

The Department of Conservation (DOC) programmes for conservation and recreation are decided during reviews of the Conservation Management Strategy (CMS) for the region. These strategies are a statutory documents and are required by the Conservation Act.

 A public notification process of draft strategies is mandatory and is the opportunity for the public to contribute to deciding what policies and programmes should occur.

The lower North Island region of DOC are currently reviewing their CMS for the region (which is many years overdue). The public submission process has been completed and DOC in conjunction with the Conservation Board are deciding if the draft should be amended as a result of the submissions received.

 The LNIRDF have submitted on the draft Lower North Island CMS. Check the PDF file link below to read the submission.

 Any stand lone Management Plans that existed previously will eventually be revoked. This included the Ruahine Conservation Management Plan. This plan has policies that recognize the role of recreational hunting in the management of deer in the Ruahines and also set aside zones where commercial helicopter deer recovery (WARO) are excluded from. It is this plan that has ensured that DOC has not removed helicopter exclusions at the expense of recreational hunting. That is, until recently. (see WARO also in the Deer management section of this website). 

The LNIRDF has participated with DOC and other hunting interests in developing a plan for the sustainable management of deer in the Ruahines.  

The success of this plan will be determined by the direction it provides to DOC in deciding on deer control and issue of WARO concessions. The foundation submissions to the CMS have sought  are consistent with those agreed to in the Ruahine Deer Plan.

 The reviewed draft CMS did not acknowledge the need for decisions regarding deer control or WARO concessions should be consistent with the sustainable management of deer as specified in the Deer Plan. Consequently there have been ongoing discussions with DOC to agree on amendments to the draft CMS to address these concerns.

 The bottom line of the LNIRDF is that department deer and WARO decisions must be consistent with the agreed Deer Plan.

 The CMS is critical in making this happen.

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