National review of 2018 WARO Concessions Consultation

The Department of Conservation is intending to hold a national review of the WARO (helicopter deer recovery) concession process. This will effect  hunters of all public land in the country, where WARO is currently permitted. And also potentially areas restricted to helicopters, where WARO are lobbying for access.

 DOC authorise WARO on public lands through a standard concession process which is largely dictated by the provisions of the Wild Animal Control Act and also relevant CMS's (Conservation Management Strategies). Concessions are reviewed every 4 to 10 years . Current concessions were issued only for 4 years and will expire in June 2018.

The decision to undertake a national review that included all interested parties was made to try and achieve some consensus between the competing interests. (recreational hunters, WARO etc). This appears to be in response to the opposition from hunters to the removal of WARO restrictions in the Ruahines.

 Also, the decision by Judge France  in  declaring all of the lower North island removals of restrictions to be invalid in the LNIRDF High Court challenge has served notice on DOC that it must consult with hunters in future.

  We expect that the terms of reference for the new National Review will be made available in due course.


Posted: Sat 26 Aug 2017