DOC Reneg on promised National Review of WARO

.The Department of Conservation has backtracked on a promise to review the national permitting system for WARO. This commitment was made at two National Conferences of the NZDS and also to the High Court during the LNIRDF challenge to the 2015 permits for the Lower North Island.

As a consequence, LNIRDF President Gordon geoge has been seeking explanations as to why the review never happened. Instead, DOC held meetings with WARO reps, , NZDA and the LNIRDF. A review of the national system - due in 2018, was off the agenda. Instead, DOC will consult only whetre changes have occured to existing permits. That removes the opportunity to advocate for a more sustainable WARO industry, that both WARO interests and recreational hunters can agree on. The chance to achieve a better approach to game management has been lost, at least until the next permitting renewals - in 10 years.

This was a once only chance to improve the commercial deer recovery system, and get a better deal for hunters. This strategic approach to deer management has not occured for the last 60 plus years of commercial deer recovery.  And it looks unlikely to occur, if current department thinking is any indication.

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Posted: Mon 26 Jun 2017