Ruahine deer Plan

Ruahine Deer Plan

The plan process is progressing well, with all participants contributing positviely to the end goal of acheiving a sustanable management of red Deer.

 We’re at the stage of talking what WARO harvest is necessary, where, and when. It is the foundations view, that harvest of deer should allow for popular times hunters are in the Ruahines, stags are not the target, and harvest numbers are set that conservation goals are achieved. The overall aim is a Sustainable deer population, for both recreational and commercial hunting.

 We are also seeking additional Fly In sites to encourage more recreational hunting in some areas of the Ruahines.

A better return of hunting data from recreational hunters, of hunting data is also being investigated.

So far, the approach by Commercial WARO and DOC reps has been good with DOC seeming to want a deer management setup that meets conservation aims, and recreational and commercial needs. Not a simple task, but with willingness by all parties, we are hopeful of a positive result for recreational hunting.


The review of the CMS has provided for retaining the deer control policies from the previous Ruahine Management Plan, which set aside the current areas Closed to WARO. These policies will continue until completion of the Deer Plan. Which is due for completion within the next 4 years. Sovuntil then, it’s the status quo with WARO zoning.

Posted: Thu 07 Mar 2019